High School Geometry

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Algebra 1 Update

Informational materials for the Regents Exam in Algebra I (Common Core), including the Educator Guide,  3 webcasts, and additional Sample Items have been posted on EngageNY at:


The materials and their individuals links are as follows:

Educator Guide to the Regents Examination in Algebra I (Common Core)

The Guide was designed to support educators by providing an overview of the new test design.  Information about how the assessment shifts informed test development and how the CCLS will be measured on the new Regents Exam in Algebra I (CC) is specified.


Algebra I Webcasts

The three webcasts provide: (1) background on the Common Core State Standards along with teaching principles and tools that are crucial for implementing changes in pedagogy and a mathematics curriculum (2) information for teachers on the test design of the Regents Exam in Algebra I (Common Core) and how it measures the Common Core Learning Standards (CCLS) and (3) background information on the sample questions for Algebra I (Common Core).


Algebra I Sample Questions Fall 2013

Additional sample questions have been provided to help students, parents, and educators understand the instructional shifts under by the Common Core.



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High School Calculator Guidelines

It has come to my attention that not everyone knows that there is a calculator guidance document out for high school. Calculator Guidelines

A couple of things to note, power regression in Algebra 1 is limited to quadratics, so you really only have to do linear, exponential and quadratic regressions.

Rounding should not be done until the end of a problem.(I would be teaching my students to use the store function on the calculator)

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New Test Guides

The New Test guides have been posted.  Not too many major changes.  Here is the info from the state.

  • fewer questions on the 2014 Grades 3–8 Mathematics Tests than the 2013 tests;
  • shorter administration times for the 2014 Grade 3–8 Mathematics Tests than in 2013;
  • clarifications to the Mathematics rubrics and scoring policies; and
  • a change in content emphasis in Grade 8

Test Guides

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As NY guidance documents have indicated we must simplify radicals as we solve quadratics using the quadratic formula.  Anyone using the modules will have to add this supplement to module 4 as they care covering the quadratic formula.  You do not need to do extensive work around this, but enough so that students can utilize it as they solve quadratics.


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Middle school update

Module 2 for 6th and 8th grade are up.  Hopefully 7th is coming soon.

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Word files are posted for Module 1 for grades 6-9.

Modules 3 and 4 are out for Algebra 1.

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Module 2 for Algebra is out!!

Module 2 for Algebra has been released, it is posted on my blog and engageny.


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Module Overviews

Here a 3 more module overviews for Algebra 1 that won’t be on engageny for awhile as well as a draft of a new curriculum map.


Module 2: Descriptive Statistics

Module 3: Linear and Exponential

Module 4: Polynomials and quadratics

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Albany Update

New modules are posted for most grade levels.  The full Module 1 is up for 6-10 and most module 2’s at the k-5 level.  I have a busy week, but will work on getting everything up next week.  Until then here is the link to engageny.  http://www.engageny.org/mathematics

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